Peter Webster Slavko Manojlovich

Assistant to the University Librarian for Systems and Planning
Memorial University Of Newfoundland
Telephone: 709.000.0000 Fax: 709.000.0000
Email / http://www.library.mun.ca

For the past 19 years Slavko has managed the development of Memorial University of Newfoundland’s automated library services from punch cards to virtual libraries. He is currently involved in a number of digitization initiatives associated with the preservation of Newfoundland culture but his primary interest is in grounding and/or providing real world experiences for the various library standards which are critical for the development of the ASIN Virtual Library/Portal.

Resource Sharing Initiatives in Atlantic Canada: The Standards Dilemma

-- October 14, 2004 11:00 am - 11:45 am

It would be difficult to imagine building any type of computer-based service for libraries without the availability of standards like Z39.50, NCIP, OpenURL, MARC, etc.. Yet, we constantly stumble/trip in our implementations because of problems associated with the standards, or more importantly, our interpretation of the standards. The session will cover some standards related gotchas encountered in the development of the Atlantic Scholarly Information Network’s Resource Discovery and Management Service (ARDMS).


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