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Welcome to 2009 Atlantic DLI Training!

Your Programming Coordinators are looking at our programme for this Spring and welcome suggestions that are home-made, grown right here in Atlantic Canada. Our guests are in place, so hands off those people! But you do get a VOTE on whether to do DIGGING REFERENCE or Product Highlights this year.

One new addition to the programme is our CONTEST on handouts/training material, cheat sheets you keep in your drawer, odd tidbits that you use in your classes or with colleagues. We will be asking each and every one of you for a contribution. If you cannot think of anything applicable (remember that this can include CANSIM or ESTAT use), send us a list of teaching/promotion aids you would really like to see!

Did you know?

By the reckoning of the DLI Central team, the Atlantic DLI Training Sessions have been an incubation bed for several ideas that have made it across Canada—from the suggestion Brian had to us for a DLI First Aid Kit to Product Highlights and Reference Mysteries.