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Registration for Sessions (No charge!)

I wish to register for the Main Programme (May 2 - 3)

I want to attend Day One only
I want to attend Day Two only

Note: We encourage both the DLI contact and backup to attend these sessions. However, sending additional staff members is possible. Member libraries can get high quality training for the low cost of accommodations and meals for their staff through these sessions but we need to have notice to ensure that all participants will have workstations available for the exercises.


I am staying at The Lord Nelson

I have made alternate arrangements

Hotel room booking will be open very shortly. You should receive information with respect to price and contact information by Wednesday, 17 April 2013.

DLI contacts who are attending their first training session are eligible for an accommodation subsidy. We would particularly encourage first-timers to plan their stay so that they can attend the dinner on Thursday evening.

Dinner at X (Thursday evening, May 2)

I plan to attend.

Note: Dinner at X is a wonderful tradition. Great food, wonderful networking and lots of fun. You cover your tab, but the X provides wonderful selections at a reasonable cost.

Other Meals

Nutrition breaks throughout the day are included in your (free) registration, but evening meals are at your own expense.

Do you have any specific food requirements, allergies, etc...? Please explain.

Travel Arrangements

What Costs are Covered by DLI?
DLI training support will cover bus, train, or economy airfare (if neither bus nor train is
reasonable) to Halifax for one person from each DLI member institution.  Please contact Renée Rocan (renee.rocan@statcan.gc.ca) for your Travel Authority Request (TAR) if you are going to be reimbursed by Statistics Canada.

For those who are being reimbursed, if you will be travelling by train or air, Renée will also take care of the booking.  If you are travelling by bus or by car, please note that you will be required to make your own arrangements and submit receipts with the claim form which will be distributed at the workshop.  Generally speaking Statistics Canada *will not* reimburse for the use of a personal vehicle; however, if necessary DLI will cover the cost of an economy-sized car rental, but not the mileage.


I would like print copies of materials presented. yes no

When do you plan to arrive in Halifax?

Do you require a parking pass at St. Mary's? yes no

Do you plan to stay Friday night at the hotel (at your own expense)?

Note: Directions to St. Mary's and maps of Halifax and the University are provided in the "directions" section.