Our Treasured Volunteers

Be a volunteer!

Volunteers are a hidden treasure!   Without volunteers doing all of the not so little things in front of and behind the scenes a terrific conference just doesn't happen!  There's lots of fun things you can do to help at APLA2012. Browse some of the tasks we'd love for you to help us with.

Hospitality/Registration Desk

Want to be one of those friendly faces everyone looks for when they arrive at APLA?  Ann Myers would love to hear from you! 

Directional beacon

Sometimes people get a little lost going from one session or event to another. It's nice to see a familiar smiling face to help guide our lost treasures!


Social media promoter

Do you love to tweet, flickr, blog?   Everyone can be a social media promoter.  Whether you are an attendee, a speaker, or a panelist you can embed your own customized schedule, promote your own session, and spread the word about APLA2012.  We'd love to have lots of social media mayhem going on!



Do you hate to miss a great photo op? It's great to capture some of the interactions that go on! Let us know if you're willing to capture and share these great moments at the various sessions and events.


Session Convenor

Polish up your public speaking skills by introducing our session presenters and speakers. If you can give a little background about the speaker/presenter (which we will provide) and a short intro to the session itself, let us know!.

If you're already planning to register for a workshop, please consider assuming the role of Convenor.


Exhibit Hall helper

Volunteers can help exhibitors setup and take down their displays, ; give a break to a solo exhibitor, answer questions or be a liaison between exhibitors and conference coordinators. These positions will be required from 8 am May 22 until 5 pm on May 24.


Organizing and signage helper

There's lots of organizing of materials, stuffing of bags, putting up signs before and during the conference.    Let us know if you'd like to help!


About APLA


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There's lots of fun things you can do to get "behind the scenes" at APLA2012!

Have a look at the kind of help we need.


For any general inquiries, comments or suggestions relating the the 2012 conference, please contact us.

Phone: (902) 585-1528
E-mail: APLAatACADIA@gmail.com