Registration & Travel Subsidies

What will your institution have to pay? Statistics Canada will again provide travel subsidies to permit as many Atlantic DLI contacts as possible to attend the training.

There are, therefore, no fees for registration, though participation is limited to two people per institution and only the DLI contact can claim for expenses.

The program is funded under the DLI unit in Statistics Canada and financial guidelines used by Statistics Canada must be followed.

Mileage: That means, for example, that they will pay only the federal rate.

Airfare: Economy airfare will be reimbursed.

Ground transportation: Taxis and airport transportation will be reimbursed, but you must provide receipts.


DLI contacts who are attending their first training session are eligible for an accommodation subsidy. We would particularly encourage first-timers to plan their stay so that they can attend the dinner at the Blomidon on Thursday evening.

As well, we can offer an accommodation subsidy for those who must stay over the extra evening (Saturday) to get the excursion airfare or for whom attendance would be impossible without additional support.


Coffee and snacks will be supplied throughout the day and lunch will be provided on both days. It is anticipated, however, that dinners will be at the expense of the participant.

Final Note: The guidelines are not unlike many of those for universities in that receipts must be kept and sent in with your travel claim.

Please let Mary know about:
  • Travel plans
  • Expected arrival
  • Expected departure
  • Where you are staying
  • Parking requirements
  • Want to book for dinner at Blomidon on Thursday?
  • Interested in getting together for dinner on Wednesday?
  • Dietary restrictions
Questions or problems about funding? Please contact Elizabeth for more information.

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