DLI 2008 : Programme

April 23, 2008

Day 1: Boot Camp Day!

Boot Camp

DLI's BOOT CAMP, wherein everything becomes new and shiny again, and all the questions are good ones.


Meet and Greet with Coffee.

Welcome session with caffeine! Let's gear up for the day!


Meet and Greet with a Partner

Get to know your neighbours from across the country in this Q & A exercise. No reference mysteries in this session!

Jennifer Adams


DLI Orientation Concepts

This is the BIG PICTURE  on microdata, aggregate data, statistics and more!

Chuck Humphrey

10:30-10:50 Break  
10:50 -12:00

Life Cycle of a Survey

A glimpse into how it all comes together! Michel will share the insights on survey design, data collection and dissemination from the halls of Statistics Canada.

Michel Séguin

12:00 - 1:15
Lunch Break  
1:15 - 2:30

DLI Survival Kit

An essential session for those new to the program or who are want a refresher on everything from how the ftp site is structured to how to find out what you need in terms of equipment and software.  We will also cover some of the reference and searching products designed for the DLI community. A "must have" for the DLI season!

Marie-Claire Lauzon

2:30-2:50 Break  
2:50 - 3:50

The DLI license and sample scenarios

Not everyone is entitled to enjoy access to the DLI collection! Find out the who's, the when's, the why's of disseminating data!

Marie-Claire & Elizabeth

3:50 - 5:00

Finding Stats: Tools and Techniques

Why getting the data your students want is easier than getting tickets for an outdoor concert in Halifax. Elizabeth and Chuck share their wisdom on tricks of the trade.

Elizabeth & Chuck

April 24, 2008



Session 1.0

Find your workstation! We begin at 8:50!


Session 1.1

Census 2006

Think you have seen everything on the census? Think you know it all? Ha! Mini will surprise even the experts in this session on the 2006 Census—with the last release only days away!

Mini Reid
Paul Schwets




Session 1.2

New from DLI Central

There are many initiatives being taken at DLI Central to make our lives even easier, and developments within Statistics Canada that we want to be aware of regarding access to products.

& Michel


Instructions on eating protocols to follow


Session 1.3

New Models: the DLI Update

Michel and Marie-Claire will give us "the best of DLI for 2007/08" in this session.

& Michel


2006 Census Geography

Census data makes no sense unless they are tied to a piece of Canadian geography. But STC has many possibilities for looking at Canada by geographic area. Marc will demystify the census geography components for us and help us understand the unconventional geography such as postal codes as well.

Marc Melanson




Session 1.4

CCHS & SPSS: Health for All

Food was our theme for our last training but the CCHS 3.2 had not yet been released. Chuck will take us through a skill-building exercise in pulling the nutrition out of the CCHS and figuring out how to find the transfats in a table. A little on data skills, a bit on statistical literacy... knowledge and practice makes for safe and healthier driving!



Question Time

Are there questions posted on the DLI List that you don't understand at all? Does the rest of the world seem like experts? Are there questions that we have had during the year that were real headaches? This is the time to ask the experts.

Dinner at the Blomidon [Menu menu]

All who can!

April 25, 2008



Session 2.1

Buy, Sell or Trade: It's Business Time!

The Business Division would like to help us out with our work and will come prepared to reveal the best/worst about their products and find out from us what we need from them.

Monique Gaudreau, Wilma Shastry




Session 2.2

Product Reviews

We have an interesting array of new surveys and products available to us. We will update the information on when and where you might use KLEMS, among other resources.

John Neilson & a cast of thousands


Taking it Around the Block: Which Map To Use?

You don't need to use GIS to help a user find spatial data, but it is good to know what the difference is between the spatial data products that are kicking around. Siobhan will go over some wayposts that will help you direct the user to the right product for them.

Siobhan Hanratty




Session 2.3

Accessorizing with Excel Pivots: Do I Need a Sun Roof?

Peter did an excellent session during an Accoleds session on finding uses for data using Excel Pivot tables, and Daniel is going to give us his interpretive dance on pivoting with data in this session—which will be offered in French or English, depending on demand!

Daniel Beaulieu

Session 2.4

SDA, DDI, and Data Stewardship

Where did that slick cross-tab come from? Is there a solution for my campus researchers who want to get quick stats and preserve their data in the mix as well?

Yes, all of this and more.





Session 2.5

GIS and the Open Road

Dan takes us to places we've never been before in this hands-on "data hits the map" session.

Dan Duda

Session 2.6

PCensus, DLI List Questions, and other Nuts & Bolts

This training session is one of our busiest; we will have a lot to review in this section.


Time to Hit the Road