Campus Map

Directions to the Harriet Irving Library

Directions from Crowne Plaza Beaverbrook (659 Queest St). to Harriet Irving Library (5 Macaulay Lane)

Walking (approx. 30 minutes)

  • Turn left as you exit the hotel and walk along Queen St.
  • Cross in front of the Anglican Cathedral and walk under the overpass, keeping right (this takes you to University Ave.)
  • Walk up University Ave. until you reach the gates of the University of New Brunswick
  • Walk straight up the hill if you're in want of a cardio-vascular challenge
  • Walk up the right side of the campus if you enjoy slightly less strenuous perambulations
  • You'll see the Harriet Irving Library (HIL) is about half-way up the hill towards the middle of the campus

Driving (approx. 10 minutes, including lights)

  • Turn right as you come out of the parking lot of the hotel (quickly get into the left lane)
  • Turn left onto Regent St. and drive to Brunswick St. (this will be the 2nd street you cross...get into left lane, again)
  • Turn left onto Brunswick and drive all the way down (you want to be in the right lane by the end)
  • Make a sharp right by driving under the overpass (you'll be on University Ave.)
  • Drive up University Ave. until you come to the gates of the University of New Brunswick
  • Go up either side of the campus and turn onto Pacey Dr. (it goes all the way across)
  • Turn down Macaulay Lane and the Harriet Irving Library is the large building on the left

Directions from B & Bs (12-15 minute walk & 5-7 minute drive)

Brennan's (corner of Shore and Waterloo)

  • Walk or drive along Shore St. until you hit University Ave.
  • See directions above

Carriage House (University Ave)

  • Walk or drive up University Ave
  • See directions above