Harriet Irving Library, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.

28 - 30 April 2015

Directions to the Harriet Irving Library

Directions from Crowne Plaza Beaverbrook (659 Queest St). to Harriet Irving Library (5 Macaulay Lane)

Walking (approx. 30 minutes)

  • Turn left as you exit the hotel and walk along Queen St.
  • Cross in front of the Anglican Cathedral and walk under the overpass, keeping right (this takes you to University Ave.)
  • Walk up University Ave. until you reach the gates of the University of New Brunswick
  • Walk straight up the hill if you're in want of a cardio-vascular challenge
  • Walk up the right side of the campus if you enjoy slightly less strenuous perambulations
  • You'll see the Harriet Irving Library (HIL) is about half-way up the hill towards the middle of the campus

Driving (approx. 10 minutes, including lights)

  • Turn right as you come out of the parking lot of the hotel (quickly get into the left lane)
  • Turn left onto Regent St. and drive to Brunswick St. (this will be the 2nd street you cross...get into left lane, again)
  • Turn left onto Brunswick and drive all the way down (you want to be in the right lane by the end)
  • Make a sharp right by driving under the overpass (you'll be on University Ave.)
  • Drive up University Ave. until you come to the gates of the University of New Brunswick
  • Go up either side of the campus and turn onto Pacey Dr. (it goes all the way across)
  • Turn down Macaulay Lane and the Harriet Irving Library is the large building on the left

Directions from B & Bs (12-15 minute walk & 5-7 minute drive)

Carriage House (University Ave)

  • Walk or drive up University Ave
  • See directions above

Brennan's (corner of Shore and Waterloo)

  • Walk or drive along Shore St. until you hit University Ave.
  • See directions above

TransitIf you would like to take the transit, here's the schedule.

The 17S goes from downtown to the university and the 16N goes from the university to downtown. The best stop is at the Student Union Building, which is right beside the Harriet Irving Library.

Bus fare is $2.75 per ride.

Campus Map