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They are coming! The census folks are coming to Wolfville to reveal the best of Census 2006. Paul Schwets and Stuart Fyffe are coming with suitcases full of census secrets!

Have you met Ingrid yet? She is one of the great people at Health Division who worked on the NPHS and now works with the CCHS. We've told her that we want to know as much as possible about health data, but that we are not intimidating, not by any means!

Data Liberation Initiative

Atlantic Training Workshop for DLI Contacts

When the pilot project evaluation for DLI was conducted in 1999, the Library Directors were unanimous: Training is critical to the ability of library staff to locate data files for patrons, to administer the license, and to facilitate the use of Statistics Canada data products.

We agree!

And it is now time again for our annual training where we welcome those who are new (or who simply still feel new) to the DLI Atlantic Training Workshop. Here we top up the latest and greatest of DLI for data friendly library staff and push the skills of the more erudite data librarians a little bit further.

This year we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the DLI in a manner befitting the Atlantic Region and the program has something for everyone who answered this year's questionnaire. Have a look at the programme (comments are welcome!), book your accommodations, and make sure you register with Mary. We'll see you in Wolfville!