What will your institution have to pay?

Our DLI training support will cover economy airfare to Halifax for one person from each DLI member institution. For those within driving distance, the ground transportation costs will be covered. Forms will be provided for reimbursement of these travel costs at the workshop.


Only the DLI Contact (or alternate) can claim the travel subsidy, but there is no registration fee for this two-day workshop. We would encourage you to involve one of your colleagues who may assist you in delivering data services to attend. We need to ensure all participants have workstations available for the exercises, but member libraries can get high quality training for the low cost of accommodations and meals for their staff through these sessions.


The program is funded under the DLI unit in Statistics Canada and financial guidelines used by Statistics Canada must be followed.


That means, for example, that they will pay only the federal rate.

When necessary, a DLI contact can rent a car to get to a DLI training workshop. In this case, Statistics Canada covers the car rental expenses but NOT the mileage. The car must be an economy-sized car unless a number of people are traveling in one car.


Economy/excursion airfare will be reimbursed.


DLI contacts who are attending their first training session are eligible for an accommodation subsidy. We would particularly encourage first-timers to plan their stay so that they can attend the dinner at the Blomidon on Thursday evening.


There will be nutrition breaks through the day. It is anticipated, however, that dinners will be at the expense of the participant.

Final Note: The guidelines are not unlike many of those for universities in that receipts must be kept and sent in with your travel claim