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Table d'Hôte

Day 1
Session 1.0
Meet, Greet and Eat ALL
Session 1.1

Updates from the field and from DLI Central

What surveys are in the tube, ready to be launched; what is coming in the way of educational resources for us; staff and contact changes at central and in the field…this is the good stuff and Mike has that special way of making time fly by while we're sharing information.

10:15-10:30 A Brief Biobreak:
(You've only been at it for an entertaining 75 minutes, after all)
Session 1.2

Creating a Back-up

Never mind backing up files; who will provide back up to you when you take a day, week or month off from work-or when you are busy with other classes? What arrangements are possible, what knowledge and essential skills should they have, and how do you communicate effectively with colleagues and patrons in times of transition?

EH & Mike
Session 1.3

The Power of Numbers, Part One

What difference does it make whether you pie it or bar it? Cross-tab or nested tab? Scatter plot or whiskers? Map it or graph it? What do you do when your user says: "which option do I pick?" in E-STAT or SPSS?

Lunch - Instructions on eating protocols to follow
Session 1.4

Defining your Neighbourhood

NBage_sex.ivt newmaryland.txt PCCFexercise.doc

GIS and concepts, tools and data. Why would anyone want a pccf or pccfrf? How do you create your neighbourhood using DLI data and postal codes using SPSS and a few handy steps that will make you look and sound like a genius to your students, director and president?

Chuck & Siobhan
3:45-4:05 Slightly longer biobreak
Session 1.5

Reference Mysteries, Part One

The reference desk is the common challenge for all of us. We will be taking some great moments of the past year on the reference desk (yours included) and look at tools, referral, and colleagial education that will make your life easier. There are prizes…

Reference Mysteries: the complete list of questions

Finding data handout

EH, Chuck, Sage, Mike et al
Dinner at the Blomidon!

Day 2
Session 2.1

The Power of Numbers, Part Two

Where have numbers influenced policy? What does your director need to know about what you do and why you do it? This is a fascinating look into decision-making and what constitutes powerful evidence.

Session 2.2

RDCs and Disclosure Analysis

The data continuum provides options for researchers who cannot get the level of information they need from DLI public use microdata files. The Research Data Centre network includes two Atlantic RDCs and this session will provide a peek into the crypt and an explanation of what happens to researchers after we refer them to the Research Data Centres.

10:05-10:25 Health break
Session 2.3

Product Highlights

Your votes decided the outcome—and the winners this year are...
      Y XCL Tables
      Y Dangerous Goods Accident Information System
      Y SPSD/M
      Y Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs
      Y Annual retail store data
      Y Mystery products: the Hidden DLI collection

John N. & knights of the product table
Session 2.4

Reference Mysteries Resolved

Nom et Acronyme des produits
Acronyms and Product Name
On Your Marks! DLI Reference Shelf

Reference Mysteries: approaches to try

Wherein all is revealed, learning happens and enlightenment occurs. Honestly!

Group reports
Session 2.5

Statistical Packages: The Power and The Fury

Users working with SPSS, SAS, Shazam, Excel and STATA users-why are there so many statistical packages and how do we keep our users happy while making our lives easier, outside therapy?

Session 2.6

Hang On—You Can Do It!

Emerging Issues your director needs to know about, including funding issues and how to bring data into the classroom

Mike, EH, Ernie, Mary & panel
3:00-3:15 Health break
Session 2.7

Okay, Now you can get ready to go home!

Collect answers and prizes, resolutions to your questions, address the flipchart and training needs, and get even more stuff for your faculty and your boss.

Flipchart Questions & Answers


Have a safe trip home!

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